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Artisan Sourdough Roll

Dhs. 21.00

Add to your bundle now for only 3Dhs per day! 


The Artisan Sourdough Rolls are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hearty, artisan bread that is full of flavor and texture. Made with a blend of whole grains and other natural ingredients, these rolls have a rustic appearance and a chewy, satisfying bite. Whether you enjoy them on their own, as part of a sandwich, or as a side to your favorite soup or stew. Enjoy their rich taste, with hints of roasted flavors and a mild tanginess that adds depth to every bite.


Wheat flour, Water, Sourdough culture, fermented Rye flour, Salt and Yeast.

Allergens: May contain traces of Barley, Oats and Soya.

Package Includes

Artisan Sourdough Roll (45g)

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