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Chocolate Croissant

Dhs. 105.00

Add to your bundle now for only 17Dhs per day! 


Our Chocolate Croissant is a delicious and indulgent pastry that satisfies sweet cravings. Made with a light and flaky croissant dough, this pastry is enhanced with a coating of chocolate on the corners, providing a rich, chocolatey flavour that is sure to delight. The croissant features a soft and fluffy inside paired with a crispy outside. Additionally, the middle top of the croissant is left uncoated, allowing you to hold it without any mess.

Product Details

All-purpose flour, Butter, Egg, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, and Milk. Enclose the butter layer inside the dough with multiple folds. Roll out the dough into a large triangle. Loosely cover the shaped croissants. The butter croissants with a coating of Chocolate on the corners. 

Allergen: Contain traces of Eggs, Milk, Hazelnut and Soya.

Package Includes

Chocolate Croissant (200g)

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